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Join us in central Portugal for a yoga retreat at the Yoga Evolution Retreat Centre in central Portugal Europe on one of our many retreat we have running this year.
Below you can find a full list of Ashtanga Yoga Retreat 2019 as well as find retreats on Shamanic practices and Qi Gong or Vnyasa Flow Yoga. Select a retreat month below to explore what week might fit in with you're evolving self.
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Join us Peter & Sue in Portugal on one of many retreat weeks that we hold all year round. Our Evolutionary Yoga Retreats are a delicate balance between the mental, physical and energetic allowing for a relaxed balance to manifest during your stay with us. Both senior yoga teachers and having trained in many systems and philosophies on both modern and ancient approaches you can rest assured that the practices will be delivered with embodiment. Our ashtanga yoga weeks allow you to create a full foundation and ground you in the body by generating strength and flexibility as you slowly learn how to sequence postures together to create an asana practice that uses the breath as the guide. This wonderful time tested practice is called the primary series and has some fundamental techniques incorporated, such as the bandha's, Drishti and the breathing practice which invite the mind to move into a place of momentary stillness.
Ashtanga yoga is a yang style of asana practice meaning that heat is generated by the movement and breathing technique. When we generate heat in the body then we find the muscles and connective tissue becomes a little more malleable allowing for the removal of toxins from deep within the tissue and a fuller range of movement as we lengthen the muscle fibres and stretch deep into the organs of the body. And when we learn just where our edge is in each and every posture and start to move without strain or generating resistance from the body then the opportunity of finding concentration in the sequence naturally unfolds.